About Lynchburg Community Prayer

Our History

In this spirit of prayer, the Presidential Prayer Breakfast was inaugurated by the United States Senate and House of Representatives’ Breakfast Groups. Together, they see Divine guidance and strength and re-affirm the faith, hope, and dedication of our nation and ourselves to God, His plan and His purpose.

Over the years, the Presidential Prayer Breakfast in the nation’s capital has proved a continuing influence throughout the world as it publicly acknowledges the privileges and responsibilities of a nation under God.

In the desire to help strengthen the moral fiber of all the people through a leadership led by God, the Governors of the most of the fifty states have also inaugurated Governor’s Prayer Breakfasts, patterened after the Presidential Breakfast.

As a natural outgrowth of these leadership breakfasts, citizens of many cities throughout America are now encouraging similar events on the local level, thus contributing to a spiritual awakening throughout our nation.

Since 1968, the Greater Lynchburg area has held an annual Community Prayer Breakfast, and will continue to do so in the same spirit of prayer.

“I am sustained by the prayers of the people of this country. It’s one of the beautiful things about America and Americans from all walks of life—is that they’re willing to pray for the President and his family. And that’s powerful.”  – President George W. Bush